Ontario Feed-In-Tariff Programs
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A   Solar Panels

We will plan your installation on your roof and design a system to maximize your revenue.

B   Grid Connection

No batteries are needed for a MicroFIT solar system. Your solar panel system is connected directly to the grid and a secondary meter is installed to track solar produced electricity.

C   Grid

You sell all the electricity your solar panels produce to your local hydro company at a fixed price, guaranteed for 20 years.

microFIT (Feed-In-Tariff) <10kW program (Ontario is no longer accepting applications)

Ontario residents are currently benefitting from the MicroFIT program.

Make money $ from YOUR roof with SOLAR.

Enviro Energy will provide you with a complete turnkey solar solution that you will profit from for the next 20 years!

The cost of roof-top solar systems have dropped drastically over the last few years. The result is a sensible, economical investment in solar energy that allows you to earn over $3,500 / year. Over the period of the 20 year guaranteed MicroFIT contract the earnings accumulate to over $75,000!

The 2017 MicroFIT program is open and accepting applications. The time is NOW!

Enviro Energy has a proven honest reputation of superior knowledge, highest quality products and highly qualified labour for your turnkey SOLAR project.

When you install solar on your roof you sell the power you generate. The MicroFIT program is currently paying 3 times more per kW than most hydro company rates.

All of the products used in our installations, right down to the wiring and the bolts, are of the highest quality on the market to protect your investment and ensure maximum production and profitability.

When properly installed and maintained, solar panels will last 35-40 years, including a 25 year warranty for piece of mind.

Once your 20 year guaranteed MicroFIT contract has ended, your roof-top solar application can then be converted to the increasingly popular, Net Metering program so you can enjoy continuous savings by reducing your hydro payments.

FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) 10kW - 500kW program

Enviro Energy has the capacity to design and construct large scale turnkey photovoltaic (PV) systems. For small and large FIT projects, we professionally guide the client through every stage of the process.

Our FIT consulting services include:

  • Consultation and planning
  • Administration and application processes
  • System design and engineering
  • Product selection and procurement
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Commissioning, testing and connection
  • Online monitoring systems set-up/management
  • All required project reporting
  • End user training
  • Follow up and warranties

Our approach to your FIT PV project includes needs identification, working within your budget, and meeting your schedule. We will work with you to prepare a PV design that achieves maximum efficiency while maintaining flexibility and avoiding redundancy.

We assist project teams with coordination and organization, system planning and design, source the best products for your project and the best method for your installation. We are able to assess and implement available industry alternatives to create innovative solutions. We can ultimately create significant savings on your PV project and increase your investment value with our expertise and through an efficient and successful installation by our fully qualified team.


Financial benefits:

  1. Your solar investment Pays for Itself! You start receiving monthly payments as soon as Enviro Energy installs and connects your solar system.

  2. The Return on Investment ROI is over 10%! Your solar investment is secure; the rate is fixed for 20 years under the guaranteed MicroFIT contract.

  3. Tax-shelter benefits. Home owners earn revenues tax-free for 7-10 years depending on some variables.
    (These prices, revenues and projections can be impacted by many variables and are approximate.)

Don't wait, get involved now and benefit from SOLAR. Produce clean energy for the environment and for your financial gain!

Just think of how great it will feel to receive $ every month for the next 20 years!

Enviro Energy's experience of over 15 years specializing in the renewable energy industry have built our reputation and expertise. We have completed hundreds of solar projects in the north and across Ontario including complex Off-Grid systems, MicroFIT, FIT and net metering.

Enviro Energy's knowledge if solar is unsurpassed. We welcome your call. Our specialists will answer all your solar questions. We will guide you through the program steps and complete your application FREE of charge!

Think GREEN and Go GREEN with Enviro Energy and together we will build a future of clean, renewable energy; one roof top at a time.