Enviro and Solar Energy in the News

Enviro and Solar Energy in the News

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How do I Choose the Best Solar Installer? Is Battery Storage necessarily economical?

What's the Most Likely technical issue reported by solar clients? Is Rain beneficial to solar panels?

Great Solar questions answered at https://soundcloud.com/cinnamonsolar 



Thinking about investing in a 10kW project (final rate is 28.8 cents/kW)? 2017 is the last year for MicroFIT applications.

Contact Enviro Energy and we will boost your microFIT application in the queue!

Ask our experts to educate you on the long term financial impacts of MicroFIT vs Net Metering for your property.

Enviro Energy ensures approvals from IESO and local power companies BEFORE you make a significant investment in your solar project.

Always providing excellent pre- AND post- client services, we have been supporting our solar customers for over 15 years! We will be here for you in the future. You won't regret choosing us as your solar experts!

Referrals available upon request (see our online PORTFOLIO).

We serve Manitoba too!

Did you know the government of Manitoba is offering a generous financial incentive to homeowners and businesses who participate in the Solar Resources programs?

Contact us at 639-317-9167 to learn more about how now is the time to convert to solar energy! 

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Seasonally Hosted Information Sessions

Next solar info session will discuss current Net Metering and microFIT programs available in your area.

Contact us to be added to the invite list!

Check our Facebook page for event info.


2017 Sudbury Home Show

We had a busy weekend at the Sudbury Home Show this year and enjoyed answering questions about solar Net Metering options for both residences AND commercial properties in the North. If you couldn't make it to the show last weekend, feel free to give us a shout at 705-918-1825 to book a private and FREE consult :)

In the past we have met with fellow Sudburians, displayed our quality product line and educated on solar program options, at other trade shows such as the Sudbury Sportsman Cottage, Reno Show. We remain active in our local community by being present at such events and sponsoring youth sport teams. Choose the Sudbury Solar company that remains local!

Solar in the News

Share your power needs with our Solar Associates at Enviro Energy and we will design an array for your home or business that will flow with your lifestyle and budget so you can harness the sun at the same time :) Contact us at team@enviroenergysolar.ca to learn more


Tesla products still not efficient enough for Northern climates, Net Metering programs trump Powerwall benefits.

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Ontario homeowners to reap solar benefits in 5 years, association says

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Northern Climates are great for solar energy generation

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Why Enviro Energy?

We are a true 100% Solar corporation. We specialize in solar services for every application. Solar is our primary focus. From design to implementation we are experts in every phase of delivery and project management.

We look forward to working with you and to turn your solar project into a prosperous investment.

Consider Enviro Energy your complete Solar Project Team!