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Enviro Energy is a company dedicated to the Renewable Energy Industry for over 15 years. A locally grown corporation led by industry specialists that pride themselves in honesty, professionalism and extremely high customer service. Enviro Energy's success is attributed to its reputation. This reputation is built on standards of quality product, quality installations and guaranteed excellent customer satisfaction. We ensure that only the highest quality products are used to provide our customers with the highest rate of return. Our installations are planned, designed and engineer approved to meet and exceed all industry standards. Our service model includes; free on-site consultations, devoting time with our customers, answering all questions, being accessible, providing excellent follow-up and future support to all our customers.

Enviro Energy is a company that treats every renewable energy system as their own. We build systems with our customers and Together, WE BUILD A FUTURE.

Enviro Energy was originally founded in 2000 by a sole proprietor who had a vision for the future of renewable energy. The company has prospered over the last 15 years and has become a successful thriving renewable energy corporation with a high level of knowledge and expertise. Enviro Energy’s roots in the solar industry precede that of most Ontario companies. We have remained conversant in every solar trend and program since 2000. Enviro Energy has developed a wealth of experience over almost two decades of solar evolution. Enviro Energy’s focus is on delivering quality services and products to every client and maintaining our excellent reputation for the development of turnkey photovoltaic systems all over Ontario.

We have been designing, supplying and installing solar systems across Ontario for over 15 years. We are the longest standing and most experienced in the industry in Northern Ontario.

We have provided hands on solar training to Electrical Companies to help build the industry education and awareness.

Dig deep and you will find Enviro Energy at the root of most solar projects in the north.

Our mandate is clean environment, clean energy and clean industry. It is backed by a high level of expertise and knowledge and honesty and integrity.

We have been here for our solar customers for years. Our focus is solar only and that's why we can do the best job for you. We will be here in the years and decades to come still providing solar services.

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