Ontario Net Metering
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Why are you still paying high Hydro bills? NET ZERO your property with SOLAR POWER.

Create a "green" future for your home/business!

Make SOLAR NET METERING your next "home reno" and reap immediate monthly savings $$$

Say “good-bye” to your Ontario hydro bill

Use Solar to generate your own electricity. The hydro you produce from your solar array will offset the hydro that you consume and reduce your monthly hydro bills.

SOLAR NET METERING provides increasing returns. This gives you freedom from future hydro hikes! Set up Solar to protect yourself from rising hydro rates. You are making an investment today on which the annual return will continue to increase as hydro prices rise!

Imagine an investment that pays 4% in it’s 1st year, 6% in it’s 3rd year, 10% in it’s 10th year, and 20 % in it’s 15th year. As electricity rates increase over time, you will save more and more money every single month.

SOLAR NET METERING will lower the cost of electricity while protecting the environment. You do not need to purchase expensive batteries or a backup generator or factor these costs into the price of installing a renewable energy generation system.

All your savings are tax free $$$$


If you own a business contact us for more information on how the solar net metering program can reduce your costs.

Eligible Savings

  • Kilowatt usage. Excess power generated is banked for 12 months- summer benefits pay for winter high costs.
  • Delivery charge. A portion of this charge is based on your usage. Reduce your usage with net metering and volume based charges will drop.
  • Regulatory charges. These charges can also be reduced by the energy you produce.

    • Determine the technical requirements and size of system to suit your specific needs.
    • Connect your "turnkey" solar project.