Off Grid Solutions
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No power? No worry. The sun is your natural and FREE source of power!

Enviro Energy has a Solar Off Grid solution for every situation. If you need power for your camp or cottage, on an island or remote working location, Enviro Energy can size and design a solar solution for you.

We are pioneers in the solar industry, having started out designing and installing Off-Grid systems over 15 years ago. We can answer ALL of your Off-Grid questions and provide you with a reliable photovoltaic system that will meet your specific needs.

We will find the best location for your Solar Panels.

We will size your system according to your usage needs whether it be year round, seasonal, part time or full time use.

We will ensure that you have an adequate storage bank for your anticipated need for power.

We use only premium quality products that are designed for Off Grid applications and can withstand weather conditions.

Our Off-Grid solar systems can be automatically tied into a generator for ease of transition of power sources. We design and build power boards at our facility.

If you need a storage location for your power equipment we can pre-fabricate vented battery compartments and power sheds.

Our fully qualified installers and electricians will install your Off Grid solar system at any location and any time of the year!

We will provide you with advice and guidance on operating and maintaining your Off Grid Solar system.

Let Enviro Energy calculate your energy consumption needs and design and size a customized solar application for your remote or rural location.

Enviro Energy offers our Off Grid customers seasonal maintenance packages. Contact us for more details.