Benefits of Converting to Solar
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1. Reduce your energy bills!

With little start-up costs, your electricity fees decrease immediately upon connection to your local distributor grid since you become responsible for your own power generation. Your power company will track your production with a bi-directional meter and credit your current account accordingly. Moral of the pay your electricity supplier much much less every month which translates to extra $$$ in your pocket ;)


2. Get ahead in the money game...

The future is solar friendly, to the point of offering high investment return for solar projects. While regular power rates keep increasing, current solar users already see an advantage in converting their households NOW. The current microFIT contracts offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) can provide you with up to $4320/year for the next 20 years upon connection of a residential 10kW solar project in Ontario. If you prefer to simply reduce your current power bills, and live in either Ontario or Saskatchewan, you can see immediate savings by registering your solar project through the Net Metering program.


3. Green life is the future

Renewable energy will save our planet while creating more jobs than the nonrenewable market can offer. Environment related economies are popularizing global politics and our children are learning about climate change in kindergarten.  This wave of sustainability will continue to rise and overall going solar sells itself to the green living community. The future of solar is inevitable so consider modernizing your property now.

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4. Lowest cost of power on earth

Solar is now the least expensive form of energy globally and locally for your home or business. While the cost of solar has decreased by 1/3 in the past decade, the power of electricity has doubled. 

Hop on the bandwagon... "“We’re seeing a new reality where solar is the lowest-cost source of energy, and I don’t see an end in sight in terms of the decline in costs,”


5.  Protect exterior/interior assets

The 25 year warranty of solar panels means they will outlast your home while absorbing the heat and therefore cooling the interior reducing air conditioning usage in warm months. Once installed on a newly shingled roof, solar panels will prolong the life of the roof itself by protecting the shingles from sun and precipitation damage.

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